Information on the Field Preparations

Information on the Field Preparations

Biodynamic 501 Horn Silica

15th September 2021 Ascending moon in Sagittarius
The cosmic influence of 501 is a contractive force.

Preparation 501 is made by grinding quartz crystals (silicon oxide) to a fine powder. Mixed to a paste with water, it is inserted into a cow horn, and buried during the spring and summer months, and dug up in autumn.

Use at a rate of 2.5 g to 40L water.

Stir and spray as fine mist early morning when the air temperature is warming but before the sun is high and sooner than the dew has dried. 501 increases the quality of light and warmth and is associated with formative forces, ripening, flavours and aromas, and can also be used to help prevent fungal diseases. Apply to land that has previously received Horn manure 500 (see member’s booklet for other advice around timing of application around budding, flowering etc.).

Biodynamic 500 Horn Manure

17th or 18th September 2021 – Descending Moon in Capricorn
The earthly influence of 500 is an expansive force.

Use 30 to 100g of the horn manure preparation to about 30-100 L water per ha.

Stir and apply mid to late afternoon, or early evening when the shadows are long.

The Earth inhales during this time in a rhythmic process.  Utilise the drawing down phase of the descending moon phase for optimal timing.  

Horn manure preparation 500 is a manure concentrate.

Fresh cow manure buried in cow horns in fertile soil for Autumn and Winter, is transformed into a potent conditioner for soil and plants. Applied in Spring and Autumn. It is a living substance which helps build soil structure, stimulates microbial activity and the formation of humus, greatly improving the absorption and retention of water in the soil.

Used as part of a regular practice, it can help to regulate acidity, stimulate the growth of root systems to greater depths, increases the germination rate of seeds and helps to dissolve hard pans.

C P P – Cow Pat Pit, also known as Barrel Compost – is biodynamically treated aged cow manure containing calcium rich eggshells and basalt mineral dust.  A good handful dissolved in warmed rain or spring water- is stirred for 20 minutes before being applied directly to soil or seedlings, as a foliar spray. CPP can also be added for the last twenty minutes of the Horn manure 500 stir. This will then become the carrier for the biodynamic compost preparations onto your land.

Dynamizing the preparations:

Stirring or dynamizing either of these field preparations for a full hour is a wonderful activity for a group or family but can also be achieved by one person.

The dynamic interaction between the preparation and the water can be done in clean separate small buckets or in a larger container such as a wine barrel, copper tub or plastic drum. Individual buckets can be stirred using your hand or a stick or wooden spoon. A larger vessel will require more effort and therefore a suspended pole is recommended on a tripod over the barrel or attached to a frame / roof beam of an outdoor building.Water quality is of the essence, consider the environment where it is gathered from.  Rain and spring water are highly energised. Bore water has been in darkness and often stillness. If using treated water, leave to rest overnight to release gases. If possible, warm water to blood temperature. This helps activate the beneficial biology.

Stir from the outside of the container inward and clockwise until all the liquid is surging in one direction and then break the flow by reversing the stirring action anti clockwise to create ‘chaos’. Opening the surface area of the water allows aeration and other energetic forces to enter. Repeat for the whole hour. The water will become silky and ‘elastic’ as the preparation and oxygen is incorporated into the liquid.

The vortex created in the middle will become stronger as time goes by and will eventually remember the sequence.  Find a pace that is active and rhythmic, without any pauses. It is a good idea to time yourself. You’ll be surprised how quickly an hour passes during this meditative and stimulating activity.

Application For smaller areas or with a team of people, a small hearth brush and pale are ideal (you can make brushes from bunching plant matter such as manuka, olive branches, lavender, or willow). Larger areas may need a clean backpack sprayer or a tractor sprayer with wide nozzle.

Each droplet radiates out so the spreading can be done at a walking pace, dipping, and flicking the droplets as you walk your land.

For pasture, it is good to spray after grazing or cutting. The preparation ideally falls as droplets (like rain) on bare soil that is moist and starting to warm up in spring or cool down in autumn.

If you can’t get to all areas of your land, apply around the periphery.

A pot-luck shared meal nourishes and strengthens social relationships and is a great way to finish the day.

 It may sound like a lot of work but prepare to feel connected, energised, and uplifted.