2019 Conference

Four Pillars of Future Agriculture

26th – 28th April 2019, Waitawheta Camp, Waihi

A pre-conference workshop will be held on Friday, 26th April – Introduction to Biodynamics with Rachel Pomeroy. Registration for this workshop has now closed. If you are interested in attending please contact the office on 06 306 8582 to see if there are any places left.

Registration for the Conference has now closed.

If you would still like to attend the conference please contact Biodynamics New Zealand on 06-306 8582.  

One of the major challenges of the 21st century is climate change.  But, is climate change a challenge or an opportunity?  The real problems are water, soil and food quality. 

How do we then address these issues?  We will look at four individuals (our four pillars) who have provided us with some great information on how the environment really works and how we can manage it for a respectable future. 

The four pillars of future agriculture are:

Dr William Albrecht – We will hear from Ron Mclean about Dr Albrecht’s theories, often referred to as mineral balancing.

Dr Elaine Ingham – The work of Dr Ingham, which can be called biological management, will be discussed by Cherryle Prew.

Alan Savory – The ideas that Savory taught are referred to as holistic grazing.  John King will explain this system of environmental management

Dr Rudolf Steiner – the lectures of Rudolf Steiner gave rise to the biodynamic movement, a holistic form of agriculture practiced all around the world.  Glen Atkinson will discuss biodynamics and how understanding Albrecht, Ingham and Savory can help us improve our biodynamic practices.

Information on our speakers can be found hereThe programme includes further talks by leading biodynamic experts, along with an opportunity to visit a property using biodynamic methods.