Conference Programme 2018


(The pre-conference workshop on Thursday, 21st June is now fully booked.)

The Orchard Garden, 576 Dunstan Road, Clyde

Friday, 22nd June 2018 programme

9.30amLisa Johnston & Erin Simpson: Workshop - basics of pruning trees and pruning philosophy, correct cuts, observation and assessment throughout the season, priorities and compromises, and biodynamic tree paste.
10.30amMorning tea
11.00amWorkshop continues
2.00pmConference opening
Bill Houia: opening ceremony, talk on how the Maori came to Aotearoa using the stars as guides
2.30pmRachel Pomeroy: Maori Star Lore
3.00pmAfternoon tea
3.30pmThea Maria Carlson: growing the Biodynamic movement in North America
4.45pmKyra Xavia: Dark Skies
5.30pmIan Griffin: Auroras, Planets and Stars
6.30pmRachel Pomeroy: The Constellations / star gazing (weather permitting) with telescopes from Alexandra Observatory
7.00pmDinner (optional)

The Rippon Hall, 246 Mt Aspiring Road, Wanaka

Saturday, 23rd June 2018 programme

8.30amRegistration (if not completed on Friday)
9.00amUta Stoll-Kuwilsky: what is Eurythmy?
9.30amClaudia Elze: Positive and negative flows on the land
10.15amIsla Burgess: Potentiating light and the interplay of light and dark
10.45amMorning tea
11.15amThea Maria Carlson: communicating biodynamics with breadth and depth in modern times
12.00pmBiodynamic Association AGM
2.15pmIan Trousdell: rhythmical dynamic flow, energy and water
3.30pmAfternoon tea
(rest of afternoon free time)
6.30pmGather outside for Winter Spiral Walk
7.00pmConference dinner (optional)
(Preceded by poetry) Mike Ward: A Lush Green Gospel, Sam Mahon: Water Poem
(Followed by music) Black Lagoon

The Rippon Hall, 246 Mt Aspiring Road, Wanaka

Sunday, 24th June 2018 programme

8.30amUta Stoll-Kuwilsky: Eurythmy
9.30amMarinus La Rooij: Preparation 501
10.15amMorning tea
10.45amHartmut Kuwilsky: why do we stir!
11.00amHartmut Kuwilsky: stirring; Shannon Foley: compost; Sarah Mills: vineyard history
12.00pmSam Mahon: water / politics
12.15pmMike Ward: Green Dream / politics
12.30 pmClose of conference

Following close of conference, participants can, if they choose:

  1.  Attend an open discussion workshop for advanced practitioners to be led by Marinus La Rooij in the Rippon Hall.  Topics to include The Three Kings Preparation and Elementals.
  2. Visit an organically managed property.  There are two to choose from which both utilise biodynamic practices.
    1. Valda & Otto Muller, NZ Nuts, will share their journey from bare land to certified organic nut orchard, practicing biodynamic principles on their 80 ha land at Bannockburn.
    2. Lyn & Graham Smith have a lifestyle block which produces organic apples and saffron.  Their milking cow “Strawberry” supplies milk and manure along with the Alpacas, pigs, ducks and chickens to form a sustainable way of living in Ripponvale, Cromwell.

Directions to these two properties will be given at a later date.

(Photo: The Rippon Hall, Rippon)