Canterbury – 1. Friday 9 April – Nourishing Food conversation with Gill Bacchus


Nourishing Food conversation with Gill Bacchus

Time: 4:30-6:00pm

Little Owl Biodynamic Farm – North Canterbury – 526 Cathedral Road, Domett, Gore Bay 7383


Gill will discuss:

  • how biodynamic preparations improve nutritional quality of food crops.
  • address the importance of bringing more light into our food.
  • balancing our diets with root, leaf, flower and seeds.

Gill Bacchus 
Gill is a former MAF Policy analyst who has done her Master’s degree on studies of preparation 501. She has written a book called Food Full of Life and her new book out now Love Your Veggies.

This workshop is part of the Canterbury Autumn Biodynamic Festival
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