Canterbury – 3. Saturday 10 April – Elemental beings with Marinus LaRooij, Plant Morphology and farm tour with Ian Henderson


Elementals and Plant morphology discussion with Marinus LaRooij and Ian Henderson, followed by a farm tour of Milmore Downs with Ian Henderson.

Time: 9:30-4:40pm

Milmore Downs, North Canterbury – 65 Pannetts Road, RD3 Amberly



Marinus LaRooij will speak on Elemental beings

The existence and working of the elemental beings gets hardly any mention in Rudolf Steiner’s Agriculture Course. This session seeks to make the connection between Steiner’s lectures on elementals and the agriculture lectures, through a conversation of questions and answers after a brief introduction. How can we learn to listen to what the elementals are trying to tell us, in our biodynamic work.

Ian Henderson will speak on plant morphology 

  • Exploring relationships between plant development and the influence of the cosmos
  • The formative and vegetative forces in plants,  what they are and how they manifest

Farm tour with Ian Henderson at Milmore Downs.
Milmore Downs in Scargill, North Canterbury is certified with Demeter and BioGro and produces and sells beef, mutton, whole grains, flour and flakes.


Marinus LaRooij has been in biodynamics and Anthroposophy most of his life.  He studied biodynamic agriculture in the Netherlands, and plant breeding in NZ. He has tutored in organic and BD horticulture at Christchurch Polytechnic (now CPIT), Taruna, and also within the NZ Prison Service.

Ian Henderson is one of the grandees of biodynamics in NZ. 12 years on Association Council, Demeter inspectorate and member of the Board of Demeter International.

This workshop is part of the Canterbury Autumn Biodynamic Festival
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