Canterbury – 5. Sunday 11 April – Peppering with Marinus LaRooij and Peter Bacchus


Winery Room at Black Estate Netherwood Vineyard.  192 Reeces Road. 

10am to 5pm

This session has a pre-requisite to those who have experience of working with biodynamic preparations. We will look at the astronomical parameters necessary for peppering of higher animals to be effective, and the thinking behind it. We will try to come to a picture of what is actually happening when we practice this form of pest control.


Sunday Peppering session – 10am to 5pm

All day in the Winery Room at Black Estate Netherwood Vineyard.  192 Reeces Road. 

Peter and Mairnus will address managing weeds, insects,  pest and disease using biodynamic principles.
What weeds are telling us about our environment and how we manage it.
Easing weed or pest pressure through building protein quality.
Practical observations of plants and animals to enable choice of treatment.


Marinus LaRooij has been in biodynamics and Anthroposophy most of his life.  He studied biodynamic agriculture in the Netherlands, and plant breeding in NZ. He has tutored in organic and BD horticulture at Christchurch Polytechnic (now CPIT), Taruna, and also within the NZ Prison Service.

Peter Bacchus is a life member and a tireless educator and promoter of biodynamics. Author of Biodynamic Pasture Management. He is a former dairy farmer, former Chair of the Association.


This workshop is part of the Canterbury Autumn Biodynamic Festival
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