Education & Resources

Here you’ll find examples of our publications (including the biodynamic calendar), submissions we’ve made to government and links to useful sources of information about biodynamics from around the world.

Biodynamic methods work toward the development of the farm or garden as a balanced and sustainable unit. They include organic practices such as crop rotation, recycling through composts and liquid manures, and increasing plant and animal bio diversity. Special plant, animal and mineral preparations are used. The rhythmic influences of the sun, moon, planets and stars are recognised and worked with where possible. These methods lead to a natural reduction of pests and diseases in plants and animals, and an increase in the nutritive and health giving value of food produced.

Resource Guides for Organic and Biodynamic Farming

These guides were prepared for the Bio Dynamic Farming and Gardening Association and Soil and Health Association using a grant from the Ministry of Agriculture Sustainable Farming Fund.

Local biodynamic producers and international resources

There are biodynamic organisations around the world that have great resource materials available. Here are a few:

Listen to biodynamic adviser Peter Proctor discussing biodynamics with Kim Hill on Radio NZ National.