So far, so good

Harvest Article – Summer 2015

Clos Henri’s quest for wine quality led them to biodynamics. By Fabiano Frangi

We first talked about the possibility of going organic in September 2009, shortly after I had joined Clos Henri.
It was my first time being employed as a vineyard manager. I remember Lionel Bourgeois, our owner and viticulturist, telling me that if we couldn’t succeed growing organically in Marlborough’s climatic conditions, we didn’t deserve
to be winegrowers.

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Circle or Square CPP at Pyramid Valley

Harvest Article – Winter 2015

Claudia Weersing of Pyramid Valley Vineyards explores the effect of shape

As children, we all played with blocks. Some of us had the joy of blocks with numerous shapes – circles, triangles, squares and stars – and you would learn to find a matching cut-out shape for the block to fit into on another piece of wood.

The circle was for most of us the easiest, and it is still to this day the one that children reach for first.

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