The Fault is in Ourselves

Harvest Article – Autumn 2015

Farming landscapes and biodiversity conservation are linked; it’s time for us to treat them that way, argues David Wright

I started thinking about biodiversity in New Zealand because of changes to the Demeter Standards. They now require ten percent of a farm to be set aside as a biodiversity reserve. That can include hedges, streams, trees, shelterbelts, stone walls, headlands and a number
of other items. I think that many New Zealand farms, especially family farms, whether biodynamic or otherwise, would have little trouble passing this test. In fact, many farmers go much further than this in ways that I suspect many city folk are unaware of.

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Climate Considerations from Members

Harvest Magazine – Autumn 2021

The following piece is an excerpt from The Autumn/Winter issue of Harvests 2021. For access to the full article and to participate in monthly Zoom gatherings, become a member of Biodynamics New Zealand.

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