Purchasing Demeter Food

What is Demeter?

Products carrying the logo Demeter come from properties certified as meeting the Demeter standards.

What Demeter products are available?

A wide range of products including milk, meat, flour, fruit, vegetables and herbs are available from organic food outlets and some supermarkets.

Is biodynamic food good for you?

Nutritional studies overseas comparing biodynamically and conventionally produced food, have found that the biodynamic food generally had a higher nutrient content. There was often a higher content of Vitamin C, iron and other vitamins and minerals, and a lower content of harmful nitrates (see Worthington, V in Biodynamics, Kimberton PA July/August 1999).

Animal feeding studies have shown that biodynamically fed animals have less illness, recover better from illness, have better fertility and fewer foetal and young animal deaths (Worthington as above).

Pest sprays harmful to human health, synthetic fertilizers and genetically modified organisms are not permitted to be used in biodynamic production.

What about animal welfare and the environment?

Biodynamic animal husbandry is based on what the farm can provide. There are restrictions on both quantity and quality of brought-in feed. Animals on biodynamic farms must be able to express all aspects of their innate behaviour, and are kept with minimum stress, e.g. no hens in batteries or sows in crates.

Farmers seek to enhance the environment. Wastes are carefully recycled so that they do not contaminate water supplies, and biodiversity is encouraged.

How can the consumer help increase availability of biodynamic products in New Zealand?

  • Ask for Demeter certified food – ask your local supermarket to stock Demeter products, or buy from an organic food outlet.
  • Join Biodynamics New Zealand to obtain more information and help the development of biodynamic farming in New Zealand.
  • Learn how to grow your own vegetable supply in your garden using biodynamic methods; or
  • Support a local biodynamic market gardener by contracting to buy vegetables regularly.