Ancient Grains for Optimal Nutrition

Harvest Article 2017 – Spring

Rachel Rose talks with Ian Henderson of Milmore Downs, the oldest continuously- certified Demeter farm in New Zealand, about growing nutritious biodynamic grains and flour.

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2022 Council Award for Commitment and Service to Biodynamics

We’re celebrating a very special award to the incredible Gill Bacchus! 🍎

Gill has been awarded this year’s Council Award for Commitment and Service to Biodynamics 🐄 Gill has a long-standing relationship with biodynamics and the Council feels that she is a very worthy recipient.

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Gill Bacchus Talks Biodynamic Food

Below is an excerpt written by Gill Bacchus from the Spring 2021 issue of Harvests (available to members of Biodynamics New Zealand). Gill recently self published a book called ‘Love Your Vegges’ which is packed with information about biodynamic gardening and how to get more nutritious vegges into your children! We highly recommend it. Contact Gill if you want to purchase a copy Become a member here

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Into the Soil: An interview with Mattias Olssen about biodynamics and film making.

I had the wonderful opportunity to talk to Swedish film maker and podcaster Mattias Olssen about his documentary film ‘Into the Soil’ for the Spring issue of Harvests. He is the creator of the multimedia project called Campfire Stories, where he interviews people in his community pursuing sustainable and sometimes alternative lifestyles.  In this film he documents the philosophical approach of the biodynamic farmer Brigid LeFevre, who grew up in a Camphill community and now runs a small biodynamic farm where she grows supplies to make some of the best Kimchi in Europe.

To read the full interview and have access to Harvests Magazine, become a member of Biodynamics New Zealand here

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