South Island Workshops with Su Hoskin, Peter & Gill Bacchus

Hands on and practical workshops in either Hawea (Wanaka) or Takaka (Golden Bay).

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Intro to Biodynamic Gardening

Begin your biodynamic journey with Katrina and Monique

Always wondered about biodynamics and what it’s all about?! This is the workshop for you.

Biodynamics New Zealand is excited to present this opportunity for the wider biodynamics community to learn about how to harness this incredible philosophy – tell your friends and family!

Join Katrina Wolff and Monique Macfarlane (on the full moon!) for this 90min online workshop taking you through the what, how and why of biodynamic gardening.

Zoom Online Workshop on Monday the 6th of February at 7pm.

Questions that we will answer;

  • Where to start with biodynamics in your garden?
  • How is biodynamic compost different to normal compost?
  • What difference gardening with biodynamic philosophy can make to your plants and vegetables?
  • What are biodynamic preps and where can you get them from?
  • How to begin your gardening with the moon?

Members of Biodynamics New Zealand receive a discount so check your email or reach out to us at to find out the discount code.

Compost Making and Weed Management Workshop at Earth Stewards Farm in Hamilton

In collaboration with Rototuna Farm Trust, Earth Stewards and Kete Ora Trust, three workshops were put on focusing on the benefits of vegetable growing, a varied diet with some biodynamic principals sprinkled in. The workshops were presented by Peter and Gill Bacchus, and Coral Remiro.

These images came from the last in a series of three workshops at the incredible Earth Stewards Farm in Rototuna, Hamilton. Earth Stewards is an Urban Farm specialising in certified organic vegetables and fruit grown using regenerative practices.

The workshop focused on ->

  • Compost making and soil fertility
  • Weed management
  • Teas and Peppering


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preparation 500

Earthly Greens Takaka Workshop

Here’s a quick summary from Tony Hudson on his recent workshop in East Takaka, Golden Bay

We all had a great time and we nearly did the whole property of 20acres! The fermented poo came out really well. So pleased about this.

Tony Hudson
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500 STIR and SPRAY

There’s no denying it, we’re well and truly into Autumn now. The Autumn Equinox has passed and the days are shorter and cooler.

Our focus now moves to building compost and enlivening our soil.

National 500 Stir – April the 22nd

Next Friday the 22nd of April is Earth Day and is the start of the moon’s descending phase, which is a perfect time to stir and spray biodynamic prep 500.

Preparation 500 is a living substance which helps build soil structure, stimulates microbial activity and the formation of humus, greatly improving the absorption and retention of water in the soil.

Used as part of a regular practice, it regulates acidity, stimulates the growth of root systems to greater depths, increases the germination rate of seeds and helps to dissolve hard pans.

Stirring or dynamising the preparation for a full hour is a wonderful activity for a group or family, but can also be achieved by one person.

For more reading on preparation 500, check this post out from Autumn 2020 which includes comments on this time of the year from Rachel Pomeroy, Su Hoskin and Rand Carter.

Members can purchase the preparations via Biodynamics New Zealand. If you’re not already, BECOME A MEMBER here.

Biodynamic Preparations 101 Workshop in Waihi

Join Monique Macfarlane at Paulo Farms in Waihi for a workshop on biodynamic preparations.

In this workshop she’ll explore the foundations of biodynamics – the nine preparations we utilise when practising biodynamics. The afternoon will be part theory, part practical and will culminate in an meditative hour stir of preparation 500 – the grounding block of the whole system. 

What will be covered;

  • What is biodynamics and why is it important 
  • Building fertility and resilience in your garden naturally
  • Characteristics of each preparation
  • Different methods of incorporating biodynamics 
  • Sourcing the preparations 
  • 500 stir and spread over the land

This workshop is perfect for anyone growing their own food, or those that have an interest in nutrition, building soil health and climate resilience, or simply a curiosity for the interconnected nature of our universe. 

The workshop is based on Paulo Farms, a certified organic property just outside of Waihi that has been utilising biodynamics since 2016. The property encompasses a market garden, a young orchard, cattle, pasture free range chooks and is our playground for a self-sufficient lifestyle. 

preparation 500

Canterbury Horn Burial

The Canterbury Regional Group invites you to their Autumn Horn Manure Preparation Making

Join Marinus La Rooij and the Canterbury Regional Group for the yearly horn burial and discussion on preparation 500

Saturday the 23rd of April at Black Estate Winery (192 Reeces Rd, Omihi, North Canterbury)

Start time: 1.00pm – Discussion & filling and burying of the horns, followed by shared afternoon tea.

Directions: The venue is at Black Estate, 192 Reeces Road. Turn off  SH/1 at the Omihi Hall/Glenmark Rugby Club. Travel 1.92km till you see the drive on the right. Bear left at the Grey letterbox and before the Black Estate Winery sign.

If wet, for a ride, or for more information contact Marinus: (03) 331 7677, (021) 141 2667

preparation 500

Mangawhai Biodynamics Community Day

Northern Kaipara Biodynamics Constellation – Sunday 27th March 3-5.30pm

Making BD Horn Manure 500 and stir at Pauline Mann’s place: 28 Molesworth Dr, Mangawhai  

All welcome. Koha appreciated.

Txt Christine Moginie 0211796471 to register.

We are also needing cow horns please and happy to pay post and koha. Thank you

March Cultivating Conversation with Christine Moginie

We’re back with our first Cultivating Conversations of the year! Open to all members of the Biodynamics New Zealand and it’s free. A chance to connect and chat all things biodynamics.

The theme for this week’s conversation is the Autumn Equinox which is on Monday 21st March at 3.33am with Sun in front of Pisces and Moon in Libra in ascending waning phase.

Autumn is the time to start thinking about making Horn manure 500, CPP, and compost.

She’ll answer the questions; When are the best dates and times looking at the BD calendar? And why do we make these preparations at this time of the yearly cycle?

This is an opportunity for attendees to share their experiences and questions.

We will start with a short Goethean Observation exercise focusing on a piece of fruit, if everyone can have that with them on the zoom call, and pencils and paper to draw if they like.

Manawatu Compost Day

Meet other biodynamic practitioners in the Manawatu, and learn about making a biodynamic compost heap!

Sunday the 27th of March
9:00am start

409 Aranui Rd, Kairanga

RSVP to Joanne 021 255 0725