Compost Making and Weed Management Workshop at Earth Stewards Farm in Hamilton

In collaboration with Rototuna Farm Trust, Earth Stewards and Kete Ora Trust, three workshops were put on focusing on the benefits of vegetable growing, a varied diet with some biodynamic principals sprinkled in. The workshops were presented by Peter and Gill Bacchus, and Coral Remiro.

These images came from the last in a series of three workshops at the incredible Earth Stewards Farm in Rototuna, Hamilton. Earth Stewards is an Urban Farm specialising in certified organic vegetables and fruit grown using regenerative practices.

The workshop focused on ->

  • Compost making and soil fertility
  • Weed management
  • Teas and Peppering


Peter Bacchus explaining BD compost preps

Building BD compost stack

Peter Baccus stirring 500

Coral Remiro explaining planting guilds