My Biodynamic Journey

Harvest Article – Winter 2015

A Chinese immigrant takes naturally to biodynamics

Hongze Yao (known as Yao to friends) was born in a small region in Fujian Province. With a warm and humid maritime subtropical climate, agriculture in Putian has been very popular since the 1950s.

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Biodynamics in the Greenhouse

Harvest Article – Winter 2015

Growing vegetables using biodynamic methods can create gardens of extraordinary health and productivity. Living soil, nourished by regular applications of compost, careful plant rotations, and the biodynamic preparations, can steadily improve in structure and health. The daytime sun, nighttime moon, rain, wind and all the life within the garden offer challenges and opportunities for the grower to insert themselves within this seasonal dance and emerge with edible crops.

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Ancient Grains for Optimal Nutrition

Harvest Article 2017 – Spring

Rachel Rose talks with Ian Henderson of Milmore Downs, the oldest continuously- certified Demeter farm in New Zealand, about growing nutritious biodynamic grains and flour.

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An Urban Farm Grows Community

Harvest Article – Autumn 2018

Some innovative projects in Auckland are introducing healthy food-growing practices to new audiences. One of them is Katrina’s Kitchen Garden, an urban biodynamic farm operating out of West Auckland. Co-director Katrina Wolff tells their story.

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An Amazing Year in the Greenhouse

Harvest Article – Spring 2016

Anne Dodds’ greenhouse is at Te Awaiti on the Wairarapa Coast. A visit to her garden is part of the coastal walk for many people.

What a season! Day after day this past summer, I would walk into my greenhouse and be amazed.

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A Biodynamic Cathedral

Harvests Magazine Article – Summer 2017

Andy Black gave a wonderful presentation at the 2017 annual Biodynamic Association Conference about growing great biodynamic food “in a plastic bag” (a greenhouse) at Hohepa’s Poraiti Farm between 2009 and 2016.

His presentation was called “The biodynamic greenhouse: A desert or a cathedral of life?”

Here’s the article written in the Summer 2017 Harvests Magazine

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