Intro to Biodynamic Gardening

Begin your biodynamic journey with Katrina and Monique

Always wondered about biodynamics and what it’s all about?! This is the workshop for you.

Biodynamics New Zealand is excited to present this opportunity for the wider biodynamics community to learn about how to harness this incredible philosophy – tell your friends and family!

Join Katrina Wolff and Monique Macfarlane (on the full moon!) for this 90min online workshop taking you through the what, how and why of biodynamic gardening.

Zoom Online Workshop on Monday the 6th of February at 7pm.

Questions that we will answer;

  • Where to start with biodynamics in your garden?
  • How is biodynamic compost different to normal compost?
  • What difference gardening with biodynamic philosophy can make to your plants and vegetables?
  • What are biodynamic preps and where can you get them from?
  • How to begin your gardening with the moon?

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