Biodynamic Preparations 101 Workshop in Waihi

Join Monique Macfarlane at Paulo Farms in Waihi for a workshop on biodynamic preparations.

In this workshop she’ll explore the foundations of biodynamics – the nine preparations we utilise when practising biodynamics. The afternoon will be part theory, part practical and will culminate in an meditative hour stir of preparation 500 – the grounding block of the whole system. 

What will be covered;

  • What is biodynamics and why is it important 
  • Building fertility and resilience in your garden naturally
  • Characteristics of each preparation
  • Different methods of incorporating biodynamics 
  • Sourcing the preparations 
  • 500 stir and spread over the land

This workshop is perfect for anyone growing their own food, or those that have an interest in nutrition, building soil health and climate resilience, or simply a curiosity for the interconnected nature of our universe. 

The workshop is based on Paulo Farms, a certified organic property just outside of Waihi that has been utilising biodynamics since 2016. The property encompasses a market garden, a young orchard, cattle, pasture free range chooks and is our playground for a self-sufficient lifestyle.