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Becoming a member of the Bio Dynamic Farming & Gardening Association


The membership of the Association is mainly individual people. Membership is also open to legally incorporated bodies, such as companies, registered charitable trusts, incorporated societies, and the like. (The Incorporated Societies Act does not allow unincorporated organisations, such as informal groups to be members of incorporated societies.)


The basic subscription is $135, but this is discounted to $94 in those cases where it is not a business expense. That is, if you put the invoice through a business accounting system, and deduct the subscription from the gross income when calculating the net income before tax, the subscription is $135. If you do not deduct the subscription as a business expense, it is discounted to $94.


Reasons for joining

This is optional. If the Association’s staff can see anything in this section that they can respond to directly, they will do so when they process your application.

Cheque or Invoice

If you’d rather pay by telephone or on-line banking, please choose the invoice option. We’ll send you details with the invoice on how to pay direct to our bank account. (We don’t have Eftpos or credit card facilities.)

Privacy Act

We need your permission to pass your name on. Without that, we cannot put it on lists given to local groups for local field days and events, or give it to people asking if there are others of like mind in their area. Please make sure you indicate whether you give this permission. You can put a message in one of the slots below if you wish.

Application for Membership

Please ensure that you supply your name, address and phone number so we can contact you with any queries. Membership is open to individuals and incorporated organisations. NZ Post says that for delivering the mail “… street, suburb and town or city names may be different from those you normally use.” It will help us if you can put in the postal address as used by the postal service, including the postcode.

If you’d rather use the postal service, please download a printable  Membership Application Form , fill it in and send it with your cheque to Bio Dynamic Association Office, PO Box 356, Martinborough 5741, New Zealand.

Business names

Individuals wanting a business name to go on invoices etc. – please make it part of your address.



Fields marked with a * are required.

(First two partners named have a vote each - maximum of two votes)

I/we apply for membership of the Bio Dynamic Farming and Gardening Association (in NZ) Inc. I understand that my name and address may be given to others so that they can contact me to discuss common interests.

I am interested in using biodynamic methods on:

(Please give area if appropriate.)