Cosmic and Earthly Impulses Workshop

What an incredible week at the Cosmic and Earthly Impulses Workshop!🌱💫

Su brought together the incredible Hans and Inneke Mulder, Marinus La Rooij and Dieter Proebst who took us through 4 wisdom-packed days at the Oasis Yurts in Wanaka 🙌🏻

A BIG thank you to our tutors Inneke and Hans Milder, Marinus La Rooij and Dieter Proebst (not pictured) and of course, the Biodynamic Association Education Coordinator, Su Hoskin for making the workshop happen!

Jan said “It rekindled her love for biodynamics”

Lyn said “Freedom” 💕

Hans presenting on Steiner’s Lectures One and Two from the Agriculture Course

Shannon said “Hans, Marinus and Dieter explained the cosmic agriculture in a way that made so much sense”

Beautiful location for the workshop – lunch outside in the sun!
Interactive exercise experiencing the movement of the Sun and Planets
Sunny day and mountains in the background!

The field day to Rippon was a real standout.

The food was nourishing and invigorating.

I appreciated the open discussions and the involvement from the audience – I am so grateful to have listened to the instructors but also the wealth of knowledge of the attendees.

Alex Dunn

Marinus presenting on Lecture 6 of the Agriculture Course – Aspects of Pest Management

Dieter presenting on Lecture 7 of the Agriculture Course – Spiritual Ecology

Hans and Inneke run a creative exercise – clay modelling of an animal
The final masterpieces!
Pia showing off her creation!

Edith enjoyed the company of the experienced local wine growers, including the visit of a vinyard; as well as Hans and Ineke’s collaboration in running their workshops;
Dieter’s presentation and the insights into his biographical pursuit of spiritual, philosophical and scientific study of different scholars; – was inspiring!

James Milton
Nick Mills immersed in artistic work – drawing a flowering plant
Plenty of time for connection and great conversation in the break times.
Valda, Lyn and Pia enjoying the delicious food and sun!
Sun and plenty of cups of tea!
Inneke, Hans and Graham
Excursion to Demeter Certified Rippon Vineyard where Nick Mills took us on a tour of the property. What a view!

Heart learning, from people who have worked with body and mind and soul for most of their lives with biodynamics. Rounded days of listening and sparking and talking over and adding to in the -so well catered! – breaks; training eye and hand to observe and re/create, and all in beautiful surroundings, mountains and river and peace.

Fiona Guyon
Nick Mills telling us the story of Rippon
Checking out the biodynamic compost at the soon-to-be established nerve centre.
Giving it a smell and a feel!

The discourse and valuable presence of elders as well as the ability to speak one on one with the majority of people attending and presenting was especially beneficial for me.

Chris Boozer
Cowpat pits
Shannon from Rippon Vineyard digging up their cow horns.

It was a great atmosphere with great speakers; yummy food and the topic was interesting 🙂

Thank you Sue for organising this workshop.

Pia Dickhart

Nick Mills and his biodynamic stirer

Marinus, Graham and team checking out the recently dug out cow horns.
Full crew! (Just about).
Inneke talking on ‘Renewing the Festivals in a biodynamic farm’

It was simply inspiring to have Hans, Marinus and Dieter in one room, were you could sense they felt so relaxed in presenting there topics.

Ineke of course is such a star!

Rudi Bauer