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  • Punakaiki Compost Day
    A passionate group of people joined Su Hoskin on the West Coast for an interactive day of composting! They learnt how to create humus rich soil through the art of hot composting. The day included a stir and… Read More
  • Cosmic and Earthly Impulses Workshop
    What an incredible week at the Cosmic and Earthly Impulses Workshop!🌱💫 Su brought together the incredible Hans and Inneke Mulder, Marinus La Rooij and Dieter Proebst who took us through 4 wisdom-packed days at the Oasis Yurts in… Read More
  • Climate Considerations from Members
    The following piece is an excerpt from The Autumn/Winter issue of Harvests 2021. For access to the full article and to participate in monthly Zoom gatherings, become a member of Biodynamics New Zealand. Members of the New Zealand… Read More
  • Biodynamics and Demeter Certification at Seresin Estate
    João Corbett of Seresin Estate was interviewed for the 2021 Spring issue of Harvests Magazine, in the interview he talks through the benefits of Demeter Certification from his perspective as an agricultural engineer and his experience working on… Read More
  • Gill Bacchaus Talks Biodynamic Food
    Below is an excerpt written by Gill Bacchaus from the Spring 2021 issue of Harvests (available to members of Biodynamics New Zealand). Gill recently self published a book called ‘Love Your Vegges’ which is packed with information about… Read More