BDNZ Council – We need your help!

Many of our Council Members this year are finishing their three-year tenure. We’re looking for a few more nominations to join the Biodynamics New Zealand Council.

At this pivotal time, don’t miss your opportunity to steer the biodynamics movement in Aotearoa.

And with the 100 Year Anniversary of Steiner’s lectures coming up next year – there’s lots to get involved in and leave your mark.

What’s involved with being in the Biodynamics New Zealand Council?

Being a BDNZ Council member is the role of governance of the Association. The council guide the vision, strategy and decisions of the Association.

This involves discussing and making decisions on issues affecting the Association. The operations manager manages the staff and the everyday operations. The Council provide support and guidance where necessary.
Being a Council member involves attending monthly online meetings which take a couple of hours, which are usually held at 6:00 on Wednesday.

Here’s what our current Council members have said about their time contributing to Biodynamics New Zealand.

For me it’s been getting to know people better, and to feel part of an association I believe in and care about. I came on wanting to represent home gardeners, and do a little more for newer members who are at the beginning of their journey with biodynamics. I was curious about whether it would be possible to reach out to other organisations like the education sector, the business community, and a range of anthroposophical groups.

It’s been a fascinating three years, and I truly value the time I’ve spent with my colleagues, people who are now more like friends.

I wholeheartedly encourage other members to take their turn on the council for the association. We need everyone’s interests to be represented, and because as a group we’re such a diverse bunch of people, it’ll be a different looking council with each newcomer who steps up to be of service.

I thank you in advance for your dedication to biodynamics in New Zealand alongside all that you do in your local community.

-> Katrina Wolff

Highlights for me have been the sense of camarderie, commitment, and respect that has been built between us all on Council, as we strove to forge a new positive focus and strategy for BDNZ through extremely challenging situations over the past 2 ½ years.

There have been some truly difficult decisions that needed to be made, yet we found the courage to support each other, and step forward together as a real team with vast amounts of humour, and goodwill, oiling the process.

There is no doubt that the hundreds of hours of volunteered time, we shouldered without having a secretary or manager, has been well utilised. 

This has built a good strong platform for the new Council members to be able to focus now just on Governance, while moving into the second stage of the Strategic plan with a wonderful Operational management team onboard.

-> Christine Moginie

We are a diverse group of individuals in different areas, to help shape what you would like, get on board, it has not been “hard work” rather getting things done and challenging but rewarding… To have an association we need a solid council. I’m really looking forward to working with others. 

-> Mark Longworth

How to nominate someone:

For nominations to be accepted, please submit: 

  • A signed statement of nomination from two financial members of the Association, one nominator and one being Seconder.
  • A signed statement of acceptance from the nominee.
  • Email this nomination and signed acceptance to Bryony –

Those nominated or nominating should also submit:

  • A 250 word statement for publication by the nominee or nominator of as to the nominated’s background history, including any strategic experience with a national organisation and/or governance strength, the skillsets they can offer and a note of their aspirations for their term in office. *This statement shall not contain untrue or defamatory material and will be shortened if it exceeds 250 words.
  • A photograph of the nominee for publication if the candidate so wishes.