Notice of AGM | Call for Nominations for National Council

Notice of 2020 AGM of the Biodynamic Farming and Gardening Association | Call for Nominations for National Council and Remits

As many of our members know, an invigorating Biodynamic Conference was being planned for this Winter Solstice by a great subcommittee of collaborators. Unfortunately due to Covid-19, the 2020 Biodynamic Conference has been cancelled. The AGM must and still will take place, most likely online. We look forward to when we are able to gather in the future.

Notice of AGM: 21 June, Winter Solstice

Date:        Sunday, 21st June 2020, Winter Solstice morning
Time:        9:00am
Place:      Rehua Marae, Otautahi, Christchurch

*Due to Covid-19 restrictions, it is likely a physical gathering may not be possible. A physical place is stated here to satisfy the letter of the Rules.

We invite you to the Annual General Meeting of your Association. This is a chance to hear where the Association is at financially, and feed back to the Council. Ample time will be given to allow membership feedback. We are looking at ways we can still include some talks.

At the time of this notification, should Covid-19 restrict us from gathering safely, the contingency plan advised by Charities Commission, is to hold the AGM via online or telecommunications conference call with members. Confirmation of the place will be updated and notified closer to the time, should this become possible in respect of guidance from Government.

In which case, you will be able to gather with fellow members, from the comfort of your own home on Winter Solstice morning. Unprecedented times call for unprecedented responses, and we thank you for being reasonable and in supportive spirit as the Council works hard to adapt. For any questions, please send thru to

We also invite any key points of feedback ahead of the AGM, so the Council can respond accordingly at the time. Please send to

More details including the venue, National Council nominees and voting papers will be published via FiveHundredFootnote and in the coming month, followed by an Agenda.

Call for Nominations for National Council

There are 5 positions available for nomination for National Council. The current Council is gearing the Association up for renewed growth that with the help of a professional team, will put it back on a path to re-vitalised, re-enchanted and steady, sustainable growth that brings Biodynamics, by way of embodying and exemplifying its philosophies, into its time. A time of Health.

Therefore the Association are calling for an especially visionary and committed team of bold, skilled and proactive Council members to carry this work thru over the next 3 years. There is a need for a sense of, to quote Steiner, Imagination (Innovation), Truth (Awareness) and Responsibility (Care), as core values of the team. Council are currently working on an exciting new approach and strategy, to get there.

Together the team is hoped to create change and regenerate an Association to one that is refreshed in feel, that reflects the desires of its members, delivers education and is appropriate to the next generation of growers. We encourage you to consider who would be good people to carry forward the vital work of Biodynamics Association in championing biodynamics in New Zealand and helping drive a new movement into this new era. Members of the Biodynamic Farming and Gardening Association can nominate a financial member for the governance body.

It has been identified by current Council, the Association at this time could especially benefit from experienced candidates in the fields or solid experience within effective Governance, Managing Directors, Finance/Treasurey, Communications, Sales, Strategic Planning and Biodynamic Education. Interested people will need to be/become Members of the Association.

“Be the change you wish to see in the world”.

The National Council consists of six elected members who are voted in for three-year terms, and/or co-opted members where needed.


For nominations to be accepted, please submit: 

  • A signed statement of nomination from two financial members of the Association, one nominator and one being Seconder.
  • A signed statement of acceptance from the nominee.

Those nominated or nominating should also submit:

  • A 250 word statement for publication by the nominee or nominator of as to the nominated’s background history, including any strategic experience with a national organisation and/or governance strength, the skillsets they can offer and a note of their aspirations for their term in office. *This statement shall not contain untrue or defamatory material and will be shortened if it exceeds 250 words.
  • A photograph of the nominee for publication if the candidate so wishes.

The closing date for submitting nominations to the Association Office is Friday, 8th May 2020.
Email your nominations to the or post to the Office PO Box 356 | Martinborough 5741 | New Zealand
If you are interested about being a Council member and would like to know more, please email or 027 231 0824

Current Council

Hannah Tatton – Chair – co-opted until AGM
Joao Corbett – Treasurer – co-opted until AGM
Allen Gorthy – elected until 2021

Call for Remits

A remit is an item referred for consideration and a proposed change to the Associations Standing Orders and Rules. Remits may be submitted to the AGM by groups or individuals who are a financial member of the Association, as well as the Association’s Council.  A financial member is one whose subscription is paid up-to-date or not more than three months in arrears.  All remits submitted by groups or individuals must be signed by at least 10 financial members of the Association. Further information on the process for submitting remits can be found in the Standing Orders.

The last day for submitting remits to the Association Office is Friday, 10th April 2020.