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Climate Considerations from Members

Harvest Magazine – Autumn 2021

The following piece is an excerpt from The Autumn/Winter issue of Harvests 2021. For access to the full article and to participate in monthly Zoom gatherings, become a member of Biodynamics New Zealand.

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Biodynamics New Zealand is committed to working together with you to bring learning opportunities, create stronger relationships and build community.

You are invited to collectively engage in our latest educational initiative ‘Cultivating Conversations’.

These FREE (for members of Biodynamics New Zealand) monthly one-hour online meetings offer opportunities to gather with like-minded others and serve as an informal platform for sharing knowledge, inspirations, and aspirations around biodynamic land management.

We will be covering themes which are relevant to seasonal activities and inviting some of our biodynamic champions to the discussions to share their wisdom through regular gatherings. Join us on the third Thursday of every month. Our next session will be on 16th September 2021, 6.30 p.m to 7.30 p.m Pacific Time.

A Zoom link will be sent out closer to the date for members of Biodynamics New Zealand. If you are not currently a member we welcome you to join the Association.

This auspicious time of year lends itself to conversation around compost, tree paste and planning ahead for the Spring season, but will be a general forum for sharing ideas, and insights into all things biodynamic

Bring your questions, thoughts, and viewpoints to this informal gathering hosted by our Education Coordinator, Su Hoskin.  The Education Coordinator program is generously funded by The Kete Ora Trust.

2018 Biodynamic Conference – Water & Light

The theme for the 2018 Biodynamic Conference is Water and Light.  And what a wonderful place to appreciate both – Central Otago.

The 2018 Biodynamic Conference will take place from Friday, 22nd to Sunday, 24th June 2018.  The first day will be spent at The Orchard Garden in Clyde and moving to Rippon Vineyard for the Saturday and Sunday workshops.

Keynote addresses will be given by Thea Maria Carlson, the newly appointed Executive Director of the American Biodynamic Association (BDA), who will share highlights of the BDA’s recent work in promoting the biodynamic movement in North America.

The second keynote speaker is Ian Trousdell, director of The Foundation for Water.  Ian will talk on the rhythmical dynamic flow and energy of water.

There will be workshops on Maori Star Lore and the Dark Skies, which is appropriate as this is around the time of year that the festival of Matariki is celebrated.  Other talks will cover tree pruning and working with the biodynamic tree paste, along with further talks on water and light.

Mark your calendar now for an inspiring weekend.  Even better, book your flights and accommodation!  The Queenstown Winter Festival is on at the same time so it will be a busy place to get to.  More details and updates will be added here or on our Facebook page in the coming weeks.

(Photo: Rippon)

Making Horn Manure at Domaine Thompson

Videographer Colin Ross is our newest council member and he hasn’t wasted any time in putting his skills to use. He’s captured a recent horn manure-making session led by Su Hoskin at Domaine Thomson. Check it out!

Colin is already well-known to many in the NZ biodynamic community from his years managing Seresin Estate in Marlborough. He’s a passionate biodynamic educator and, along with the legendary Rachel Pomeroy, ran a very successful pre-conference introductory course in biodynamics in May this year.

We’ll be showcasing another of Colin’s videos in the next couple of weeks, so bookmark our YouTube channel or come back here for updates!

Nourish to Flourish: Introduction to Biodynamics

14 Oct—19 Nov 2017. For absolute beginners!  Combine online learning with practical workshops. See under NEWS & EVENTS.

Nourish to Flourish: Counting Down to Launch!

Our pilot biodynamic education programme Nourish to Flourish launches in less than a month and hopes are high for a stellar success.

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