Water and Flowform – Ian Trousdell

Harvest Article – Autumn 2018

Flowform expert Ian Trousdell explores the energetic properties of water. 

Water is central to all life. It manifests in the form of living beings and as the blood, lymph and sap which rhythmically sustains them. Water also mediates cosmic information flowing into natural life forms, as light frequencies penetrate organisms’ internal liquids – supplying a mysterious life energy which is the core of personal health and good quality food. Materialistic science knows this energy exists but considers it to be a byproduct of the operations of physical chemistry. Biodynamic thinking, on the other hand, holds that this energy operates in a higher dimension than the physical, coexisting formatively within it. 

More Information on Ian Trousdell’s work: www.flowform.net

Several high-level scientific research groups around the world are identifying this natural cosmic-earthly energy more exactly, testing ways of measuring it and seeing how it can be influenced or intensified. The boundaries of natural science are being extended in this thoroughly scientific process. Our Foundation for Water, in Sussex, UK, is part of this international work. 

This is what biodynamics has been doing since its inception nearly 100 years ago, using its own Goethean science to look at plant and animal growth, as well as qualitative imaging assessment methods such as steigbilder and chromatography. However, because the scientific basis of this work does not fit in with materialistic science, it often gets ignored. 

For broader acceptance, one needs the full package: the context of a proven scientific theory, an exact measurement method, and definitions of ‘energy’ that fit with these. One also needs thoroughly scientific, reliable experimental design with statistical relevance, completed as a published report in a reputable journal. This is what we are doing with a quantum physics laboratory in Sweden, using Flowform® figure8 dynamic flow surface technology, with solid funding backing from European sources interested in what could be groundbreaking results. 

Preliminary research with Goethean plant metamorphosis and spiritual science observation have indicated that Flowform water enhances the effects of cosmic information (the energies explained and shown in biodynamic planting calendars) in natural plant growth. Preliminary quantum research with our Swedish collaborators also indicates that rhythmical flow through the Flowform’s figure-eight path makes good quality water even more coherent with the quantum field. It is this last method that we are trialling this year, in 25 experiments, with the aim of publishing results before the end of 2018. 

Our work at the Foundation for Water in Emerson College (UK) started with John Wilkes and Nick Thomas in 1972. This work, like that of the Institute for Flow Sciences in Germany (started by Theodor Schwenk and George Adams in 1961), is focusing on how to understand and work cooperatively with water for the benefit of nature and humanity. The challenges that water now experiences, caused by human ‘dead thinking’ in its use of destructive, polluting technologies, are becoming so extreme worldwide that it is urgent for new methods and above all new ways of perceiving and thinking about the world to take hold. Only with thinking that is in tune with nature, can we hope to live in harmony with nature. 

Water is presently measured by government and commercial authorities with regard to what it carries, such as polluting chemicals, organic wastes and pathogens. But that is not the water. Water itself is made up of hydrogen and oxygen bonded together; in highly dissolved states, various minerals are an integral part of the water. Yet the life force of the water is more what the water is. High levels of energy are held in the H2O molecular bonds. Water has an enriched fractal molecular organisation, and its non-visible radiant and light-absorbing frequencies increase as the fractal structure becomes more dense. In effect, this becomes ‘wetter’ water. It’s interesting to note that Dutch water engineers now talk about ‘natural water’ and ‘technical water’, the latter influenced detrimentally by technical human intervention. 

Our aim is to prove the core aspect of biodynamic science: that water within living organisms (indeed water as living organisms) is mediating energy exchange between the cosmos and natural life forms, and that this can be influenced consciously. After we have hopefully proven this in a manner that fits material science requirements – though of course there will be arguments – we want to be more involved in educational outreach about the full character of water. 

Within this work for water, we are also working to commercialise Flowform and other energy-positive technologies. The capacity of Flowform water treatment to effectively stir biodynamic preparations, to change anaerobic effluent waste into sweet-smelling liquid fertiliser, and to improve water quality dramatically in many situations, with benefits to food production, has been long proven. Thousands of practical examples and some valuable research are set out in our book Energizing Water: Flowform® and the Power of Nature

Water is central to all life in nature, and its high quality is core to successful biodynamic practice. Too often, it is not cared for in the way that other aspects of the farm or garden are.