Plant Morphology Workshop

A Plant Morphology Workshop is taking place in Auckland over 24 -25 September. The workshop facilitator is Ellen-Jane Schildt van Geest, curative eurythmist and art teacher.

This artistic workshop aims to help understanding of formative forces in plants – what they are and how they manifest. Experiencing these movements in plants will be helpful for gardeners and farmers, in understanding plant growth and development and use of biodynamic preparations.

Ellen-Jane will lead us through an exploration of the relationships between plant development, the planets and the musical intervals in tone eurythmy. We will also look at the form-giving cosmic pictures in plants through painting and  discuss observations and research on some of the biodynamic preparation plants.

For further information, please contact Marion Koppenol on 07 884 4108, or Gill Bacchus:

Be quick – numbers will be limited.